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The following is a list useful links that I have compiled.
If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Brit-Pol Theatre


'The cast are superb and are directed with tangible passion. 'The Card Index' was written in 1960, but the play on show is so startlingly modern, so challenging and so relentlessly hilarious it makes you wonder what writers - and audiences, of course - have been doing in the theatre for the last 40 years.'


"Ingmar Villqist's play starts with the sounds of jackboots marching, windows being breaking, a mob baying. Although details are left deliberately imprecise, we are clearly deep in the nightmare of the twentieth century. When young Helver bursts in at dinnertime, Carla - the mother who is not a mother - is disturbed to see that he has entered into the hysteria of the streets. He describes with boyish enthusiasm what they did to 'that little shop' and the 'filthy scum' who worked in it. He proudly shows off his banner, his beret and badge. Villqist, one of Poland's leading playwrights, must know that this is familiar territory, and he leads us on an ingenious route through his themes of brutality, intolerance and despair. What starts of general and historical, and diverts into absurdist power games between the elder woman and the young boy, eventually narrows down its focus to give us an individual end to two individual stories. It is a tight, dark play with no room for wooliness or emotional bulldozing. So I am pleased to say that director Peter Czajkowski does a fine job for Brit-Pol Theatre. Tina Jones and Tat Whalley give powerful and controlled performances as Carla and Helver. Jones, especially, has the sense to know that this is a story to be told simply, not forcefully. The truth is vicious enough."
Jonathan Gibbs (Time Out). 

Brit-Pol Theatre was founded in 2000 to produce Polish theatre and poetry performances, using the best available English translation

Polish and European theatre in English from this highly acclaimed professional theatre company. I am associate director.

West 11 Opera Company Librettists

W11 Opera for Children & Young People

Since it was founded in 1971 W11 Opera for Children and Young People has commissioned and produced 34 new operas, more than any other UK company, providing a rich repertoire for its cast of 9 to 18 year old children and young people.

 I have written two full length opera (book and libretti) for the company.

Peter Czajkowski
Actor, director and founder of Brit-Pol Theatre.